BECRS - Ballistic Elevation Calculator for Rifle Scopes

Quickly learn how to use your bullet drop compensating scope to hit long range targets.

BECRS is easy to use...just follow the numbers!

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BECRS is a tool for shooters and hunters who want to take longer shots.  The primary features include:

- Trajectory (bullet drop) and energy calculations over 2,000 manufacturer cartridges and for handloads entered by the user.
- Ability to save handload data for the loads you develop.
- Calculates and displays the scope sight picture for aiming circle, mildot, aiming line, and bullet drop compensating turret type scopes. You may also customize the scope data to other models and types.
- Ability to compare two different loads? performance.
- A special target to help you laser boresight your gun before going to the range.
- A special target to help you determine custom scope data.
- A ?practice range? to help you learn how much your chosen load drops at what range and where to hold your gun/scope to hit a bear, deer, coyote, or groundhog at that range.
- US Standard / Metric conversions.

Please remember that every gun shoots a little different from others, and therefore no trajectory calculation is perfect.  We recommend that you use BECRS to determine how your load will shoot in a given gun, and confirm the calculations at the range before going hunting.  You can enter corrections from your observations at the range so that your aimpoint diagrams are reliable.